Canyoning Marbella, Canyoning Costa del Sol

Canyoning in Marbella, Canyoning Costa del Sol

Marbella Canyoning situated in Benahavis: Our Benahavis Canyoning adventures and activities are only 7km from Marbella the Costa del Sol, Spain. Benahavis canyoning activities include all safety equipment hire for your security.
You will enjoy this exhilarating activity which involves navigating down a water course by a combination of walking, climbing, swimming, abseiling, jumping and generally scrambling down the river and its banks. During your adventure we see stunning waterfalls, amazing Gorges, you will be rock climbing, jumping and much more, its a day to remember.

Canyoning Benahavis, 7km the beaches you can enjoy Canyoning in Marbella with E2M.

Canyoning Benahavis

Canyoning in Benahavis, Andalucia is a truly breathtaking experience, it is one of the most beautiful areas of the Costa del Sol in Andalusia. Our Marbella Canyoning activities take place in river gorges of unspoilt beauty, made up in a series of spectacular waterfalls, crystal clear pools and beautiful rock passages, cut and sculpted by water over millions of years. Due to Southern Spain's excellent climate and geology it is an ideal location for beginners and more advanced canyoners to experience this adrenalin filled activity.

What will happen on your day out?

Marbella - Benahavis Canyoning on the Costa del Sol is a great destination for all your canyoning adventures, the region has some of the best descents. Canyoning is the perfect summer adventure With The stunning scenery, crystal clear water and the variety of the canyons, spectacular gorges, Which Attract Both holiday makers looking for a challenging activity canyoning and serious enthusiasts alike. Canyoning or canyoneering, as it is better Known in the USA, is one of the best high adrenaline activities you can do in Marbella, Costa del Sol. Benahavis is a beautiful destination with everything we need to give you a wonderful day.

What is Canyoning in Marbella, what do we do?

Over millions of years water has created amazing and Original canyons / gorges - our playground in Marbella. Canyoning / Gorge scrambling is to follow the natural course of the stream down to canyons in Original, Overcoming Obstacles as we meet them.

These are Overcome Obstacles by : Jumping into deep crystal clear pools : Sliding down gullies polished Rock : Abseiling over amazing Waterfalls

Canyoning in Marbella involves making your way down a river gorge, sliding down the natural water slides, jumping into deep crystal clear pools, and abseiling down waterfalls and swimming, are some elements you need Necessary to Demonstrate in order to practice canyoning. You'll wear a wetsuit to protect you from the cool water and Any potential scrapes on rocks, a helmet and a harness.

What do I need to bring?

You'll need to bring a swimsuit, a pair of old trainers, a towel and an adventurous spirit  We will Provide all the equipment you need (5mm wetsuit, helmet, and harness and climbing ropes) and a certified guide,  official permissions - Accident and Liability Insurance.

Do I need Canyoning Any experience?

It's Important that you 're more confident in the water than Being reliable to scale boulders. Canyoning has a quick learning curve and canyons are graded so you can tackle descents easy and build up. You do however need a minimum level of fitness and although you'll be wearing a wetsuit, you need to be Comfortable with heights and a confident swimmer as you'll be jumping off rocks into deep, moving water possible.

This is a great adventure and we're sure you will come back to try our other sites!

Escape 2 Marbella has teamed up with a well established company providing experienced, professional guides for this Canyoning activity. With over 15 years experience in mountain adventure activities around the Benahavis and Sierra Nevada National Park, you can be sure you are in the best hands when it comes to your safety and enjoyment.

Canyoning in Benahavis


The site is at Benahavis which winds its way through the stunning surroundings of the Natural Park. The canyon descent takes the group down a series of abseils over waterfalls, jumps and slides into pools, scrambling and climbing over boulders, and down gullies following the gorge as it snakes its way down the mountainside. This is a truly a different type of water sports activity that you will enjoy, its challenging and fun for everyone.

Canyoning is suitable for most ages, though you should be fit and agile enough for a couple of hours of scrambling in and around flowing water, be a competent swimmer and be willing to push yourself when it comes to jumping into pools of water from natural surroundings.

As well as a fantastic adrenalin rush, this activity offers a chance to get out and experience up close the amazing natural beauty of Andalucia. So if you love clear fresh water and don’t mind getting wet, unspoilt nature, and pushing your limits, then Canyoning is an activity that is a must to try.

Canyoning in Benahavis Price Guide

All prices are available on application, this is due to the numerous options available including duration, number of clients, departure times, food requirements and transportation if required. Enquires from trade agencies and travel companies, you can be assured of the best and most confidential service for your clients.

We can provide all your transport requirements (at extra cost) from all major towns on the coast including Benalmadena, Marbella, Estepona, Malaga and beyond.

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