Escape 2 Marbella is number one for Corporate events on the Costa del sol. Your staff can bond and have fun together in the form of this superb team building excercise. This is designed to instantly erode any social barriers and bring instant cohesion to the group via teamwork to achieve goals. All Team building events with Escape 2 Marbella create great interaction and fun no matter what your thoughts may be prior to arriving. The Costa del Sol is a perfect place for event team management, we have the weather and expertise to make sure everyone is impressed. 

Corporate events Costa del Sol

Our team building and team activities day will remove all participants from their normal comfort zones via a fun packed shared experience.

The team will learn new skills that do not involve conventional activities, these skills being kept carefully concealed as surprise is a key component of this event but as a taster we can reveal that the team will undertake challenges from within Spanish history and culture on the Costa del Sol.

Learn The Flamenco

During this activity the participants will learn the first dance of the Sevillanas.  This includes the arm/foot and body work of the dance and will conclude with each team having to give their best performance.  Full training is provided by expert teachers of the dance who will then evaluate the art and grace of each participant.

Gazpacho Making

Participants in the same format of a ‘bake off’ are provided with the ingredients to make this very traditional soup.  The aim is to create your own authentic flavour via the correct measurements. The finale comes in the tasting of the soup.

According To Picasso

Some of greatest works of art emanate from the great Spanish artists, including the most famous Pablo Diego José Francisco Picasso. We want all participants to be sufficiently inspired to paint their own canvas.  This will be achieved with help from the best local tutors and their tested guidelines.

Andalusian Percussion

Participants will be given a drum or castanets or both.  They will be positioned in a circle and the challenge is to orchestrate making music together.  Until you have tried this event you will not appreciate how the key facets of listening, communicating and FUN create an excellent team building event.


Participants have to make the World Famous Sangria.  A multitude of ingredients are provided so all involved can create the ultimate Sangria.  This is liquid FUN!

Wine Tasting

This is extremely educational and participants find it a great asset in social circles.  The event includes a very funny and informative wine tasting to ascertain which bottle or bottles are from Andalusia.

Andalusian Carnival

Two members of the team will dress up in typical Andalusian costumes, with the rest of the team applying makeup and hairstyles. The objective is to be voted the BEST Senor and Senorita.

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